Uni-Vers-Elles - Djur Djura

Djurdjura - Djur Djura - A Nanna - My Elder Sister

DjurDjura est le nom d'un groupe français d'expression kabyle, de musique instrumentale et vocale folk en langue berbère fondé en 1979 à Paris par Djouhra Abouda (alias Djura) et produit par son mari, Hervé Lacroix. Les chanteuses et choristes portent des vêtements traditionnels berbères.
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Djur Djura is an Algerian singer who immmigrated to France. She blends tradtional Algerian music with a zeal of fusion and world. Her lyrics emphasize women's rights and equality, which she personally experienced many struggles with back in Algeria. She is a natural saprano and has a lovely voice.


He said, "I am an orphan,
My lot is a beggar's lot."
So I held out my hand to him.
Are not our roots the same?
Whether your from Barbes
Or Nanterre or Aubervilliers
My brother
You will always be
The stranger
He said, "Which road must I take?
Here, I feel lost
I beg you,
Take me with you."
And then my heart broke.
Whether your from Barbes...
He said, "My country is a dream.
But which door must I open?
I am rootless."